How much is it?




Half day rate is £160.00   class sizes up to 32

A half day can be a morning or afternoon with one group or two 45 minute sessions.

Full day rate is £250.00 class sizes up to 32

A full day can be all day with one class and up to four 45 minute sessions.

Bespoke schemes will incur an additional planning fee.




KS1- Short sessions are best for Years 1 and Years 2.

KS2- If you would like to book a drama and literacy session at KS2, you should allow a full morning or afternoon.

Shakespeare storytelling sessions require 45 minutes and give a sense of the story with some use of text.  Longer Shakespeare sessions for KS2 and KS3 are more useful if students are exploring the text in class.

We can discuss all this when you get in touch.



Some schools ask the Parent/Teacher Association to contribute.  Some schools charge a small amount per child and top up through other funds and pay for those children who are unable to pay.


I will invoice your school after the day.  Please pay by BACS or cheque.

Thank you.


Please note that a session is for a class of children.  Please do not bring another group in on the day.  Sessions are designed for a class of 30 children (give or take one or two).

If you would like me to design a workshop for more children, please ask me beforehand.


If you book the hall for me, please don’t tell me on the day that it is not free.  Call me and re-schedule.  My sessions are fully interactive and require space.  We all need a bit of space.


Please allow me at least a 10 minute break between sessions.


I bring everything with me.   If you have amazing surround sound speakers – brilliant – I would love to use them – but I will bring some speakers with me.

On occasion I will ask a school to provide scrap paper and a tray of pencils.  I will let you know in advance!


If you wish to arrange publicity for your school, please ensure that the class teacher and the students know if a stranger with a camera is going to show up in the middle of a workshop.  Really.  This has happened a number of times!  Your photographer also needs to know about any consent issues on arrival.

Thank you and I look forward to visiting.

Sarah x


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